Six levels of competitions

Top three

GLOBAL is the top level which very few footballers ever reach. There are a small number of exclusive competitions here.


CONTINENTAL is the second highest group. This is where we find the annual competitions stretching across an entire continent.


INTERNATIONAL is the third group. Here are some of the first attempts at going abroad, taking your team above your nation.


Every World Cup has had its own style of footballs.

International Kits

Some of the greatest football jerseys in the world. Both from the past and the present.

Bottom three

NATIONAL is the fourth group of hierarchies. This is where the interests of the everyday national cups and leagues are.


REGIONAL is the fifth group. Here is where football starts to become a little bit more than a hobby, but not yet a profession.


LOCAL is the sixth and lowest group. This is where all teams and somewhat 99% of all clubs started back in the old days. Nowadays it is the home of your local club where you can enjoy a game and beverage more or less for free.