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Archive for March 2018

Opening Day

This is Football-Lovers 1.0. Our very first edition includes every single final table for Swedish Men’s national & regional series from the beginning in 1904 until this autumn 2017. It is the first time these series are made complete.   In this FL 1-0 edition it is only possible to search by series. Future updates…

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First table

Have you ever wondered how it all started when football was young? How the very first football serie ended? Well, so has everyone else too. The very first final table of Mellansvenskan 1904 was actually never published! Not in 1904 and never since – until now on that is.   The first series in…

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We feel like a little kid going for a some football on the beach. It is spring and the opening day to Football-Lovers is rapidly getting closer. It will probably be a bit sandy at first. And maybe our efforts won’t reach far as our ambitions in the beginning. But it is a start and…

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