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Salah the record guy?

Is this a record-breaking guy or what? Many medias today report on the awesome goalscorer mr Mohamed Salah breaking a new Premier League record with 32 goals in a season. First key words here are Premier League which assumes the history that is counted starts with the 1992/1993 season. The definition here would be something…

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Second edition

Supporters are important. And in no other sport they are as important as in football. Their numbers, style and money are what make football the world’s largest sport. Supporters provide the opportunity to share experiences between different groups and generations.   Football-Lovers second edition presents the number of supporters in form of attendance averages from…

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Opening Day

This is Football-Lovers 1.0. Our very first edition includes every single final table for Swedish Men’s national & regional series from the beginning in 1904 until this autumn 2017. It is the first time these series are made complete.   In this FL 1-0 edition it is only possible to search by series. Future updates…

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We feel like a little kid going for a some football on the beach. It is spring and the opening day to Football-Lovers is rapidly getting closer. It will probably be a bit sandy at first. And maybe our efforts won’t reach far as our ambitions in the beginning. But it is a start and…

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