Have you ever wondered how it all started when football was young? How the very first football serie ended? Well, so has everyone else too. The very first final table of Mellansvenskan 1904 was actually never published! Not in 1904 and never since – until now on Football-Lovers.org that is.


The first series in Swedish football was played within separate clubs. Old vs young, blue vs yellow and stuff like that. The first series between different clubs was played in the summer of 1897 with GAIS and Örgryte IS, both from Göteborg. Two became three as series were picked first Stockholm in 1901 and in Gävle 1902. And by then several new teams in Göteborg had been set up as well*.


While these were all local series, the Mellansvenskan, that started in 1904 was not! This was a regional competition from what today is three different local associations. It was organized by a rebel organisation that wanted to speed up the process of creating the Swedish FA. Mellansvenskan was a success in the sense that it proved possible to organize series over a relatively large distance. Nine of twelve games were played. The last three were postponed due to the rebels were refused to play anymore games at Stockholms Idrottspark.


IFK Eskilstuna became champions, though it is very uncertain whether anyone really knew that even in 1904. Results and comments were few in both news- and sportpapers. So…big congratulations to all you following the Swedish regional series since in the last 114 years. And especially to IFK Eskilstuna of course – the very first champions!



*In all fairness it should be mentioned that a miscalculated and halfway through the completion was published when the Swedish FA celebrated it 100 years anniversary back in 2004.


Credits to IFK Eskilstuna for the photo with the boys.