Our values


We are Football-Lovers. We believe caring, friendship and solidarity are the most effective ways to reduce football violence. Our name derives from the great Kolkatan response to violence that is celebrated for over 30 years now. Always on the 16th of August.


We collect a database of Football History. We believe knowing about the past is the best way to learn who we are, where we fit into the world and what our predecessors have been up to. Equally important is to learn about others and who they are. Let us not assume that we are all the same, but rather consider how our different experiences can help us to create a better future together.


We believe in equality. That is why we are using standards when it comes to spelling, to both men and women and to different levels of the game. We are not limited by any specific club or association.


We are turned on by honesty. We always try to get at least three independent sources to back any claims. When we are wrong we correct as soon as possible.


We love the game for the game itself - more than we love a specific club or individual. We say no to all drugs since we consider football to be a game that embraces all human feelings in itself.